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May 16 2017

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*rubs temples* which reminds me.

Someone asked on a post a while ago who Donald’s sister is.

Short crash course if you don’t know anything about Disney Ducks;

She has different names depending on which country’s comics you are reading, but in english her name is usually ‘Della’ while in the Europe she’s generally called ‘Dumbella’. She and Donald are twins.

Della is Huey Dewey and Louis’ mom.

Long story short, she eventually couldn’t cope with the triplets any more after they set off a firecracker under their father’s chair and put him in hospital, so she effectively dumped them on Donald because “I can’t handle them any more. You take them for a while.”

If you think that’s messed up I’ll also add that Donald and his sister were not on speaking terms at this time (and remain so. Donald is also not on speaking terms with his parents).

After this, Della disappears from the picture. There’s been some problems by the comic writer’s trying to decide what to do but it is generally been decided not to elaborate on where Della is, because there is really only 2 answers. The first (and more likely) being that she just abandoned the triplets after leaving them with Donald. And the second is that she and her husband met with some accident which is why they never came back. The writers of most Disney comics decided both answers are too depressing to really explore when dealing with children, so they’ve never properly answered the question.

So that’s who Donald’s sister is.


Fucking Donald Duck lore, man.

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(919): I don’t need a lecture. I’m 41. I know I’m an idiot. 

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And Azrael became a purrvert

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Me right now

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1st Orc Dog!

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